Vintage Car Trimming

Expert vintage car re-trimming services

At All About Trimming we’d be lying if we didn’t say this was the most exciting part of our job. We can’t help but drool when we see a classic or vintage car enter our workshop. Whether you’ve come in for a little TLC or a full vintage car trimming service our friendly team will be flocking to assist you.

When it comes to vintage car trimming services, why settle for anything less?

Don’t trust your vintage car in the hands of just anyone, why not bring it to the vintage car trimming experts.

At All About Trimming we are experts in vintage car trimming, from minor repairs to full auto re-trims. With more than 35 years in the industry and a sterling reputation for quality and value, you can be assured of a premium service for a great price.

Do you need a complete car interior restoration, or just some fine tuning? We can provide as little or as much of the vintage car re-trimming service as needed.

Car upholstery repairs same day service

Has your vintage car’s upholstery seen better days? Why not get the team at All About Trimming on the case. We can repair holes and tears in your car’s upholstery on the same day in many cases. We provide a seamless repair service so that you won’t even notice where the tear was.

If your car upholstery is past the point of salvaging we can fully customise your vintage car upholstery. Maybe you want to replicate the original car upholstery, or you want to go for something a little different. Talk to our resident expert Peter, he can consult with you on your many options and work towards getting the perfect car upholstery to complement your vintage car.

Leather and vinyl covering can make your vintage car look like new

Vintage cars are a thing of beauty, but a bit of wear and tear can bring down their appearance. Are your leather or vinyl coverings starting to bring down your car interior? Remove the signs of wear and tear with our restoration service.

Timber fabrication ‘wood’ help restore your vintage car

Many of the vintage cars we see have beautiful wood panel finishing. Timber fabrication can restore your beautiful wood finish to its former glory.

Vintage car re-trimming has never looked so good

With a full vintage car re-trimming service we can take your classic beauty and fully restore the car’s interior. From padding the seats, to repairing or replacing the car upholstery, we can do it all. We can use standard or fully customised materials to meet your needs and budget.

From the carpet flooring to the vinyl ceiling, consult with our resident expert Peter. With a wealth of knowledge and experience you can be assured you are leaving your pride and joy in safe hands.

Not sure what you want? We can help. We can show you the best colours and fabrics to complement your vehicle and taste.

For an expert in vintage car re-trimming, look no further

Come to All About Trimming to enhance the appearance of your classic car and increase its value with our vintage car re-trimming service. We can restore, replace or repair as needed. Contact us today.