Soft Tops & Tonneaus

For soft tops and tonneaus, come to our workshop

There’s nothing beats the feeling of driving with the hood down, it’s a feeling like no other. But what if you still had that feeling when you put the roof back up? It might be time to get your soft top replaced or repaired.

At All About Trimming, we don’t just specialise in car upholstery, we are specialists in providing and fitting high-quality soft tops. Whether you want a budget vinyl replacement soft top for your Ford Focus or a customised, premium mohair soft top for your Rolls Royce, All About Trimming have the right soft top for your needs and budget.

Want your auto upholstery to make an impact? Our soft tops come in a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs.

Soft top repairs

When your soft top tears or splits not only does it bring the look of your car down, it can also allow in all the elements causing further damage. Why buy a whole new soft top when All About Trimming are specialists in repairing soft tops? With our high quality craftsmanship and wide range of colours and fabrics, we can provide a seamless finish that is so good you won’t even remember where the hole was.

The best part of all, we can provide a same day service for most repairs, so come to showroom today.

Sick of all your tools getting wet? Why not get a tonneau

If you are thinking about getting a tonneau for your ute, or you’re needing to replace your current tonneau, All About Trimming have a wide range to suit your needs an budget. Whether you need a standard cover or a customised tonneau, our team of experts is here to assist you.

Tonneaus are a quick, easy and cost effective solution to keeping your property protected from the elements.

When it comes tonneaus, we mean business

What to brand your tonneau? Why not get your company logo and/or name emblazed on it, we can fully customise your cover to your needs.

Tonneaus take the brunt of the weather and as such might require some maintenance from time to time. All About Trimming have everything you need to make your tonneaus look like new.

Got a tear in your tonneau? Before going to the cost of replacing it come to our workshop and see if we can repair it. We have the materials and skill to repair holes and tears in your tonneaus.

For soft tops and tonneaus why settle for less?

Come visit our workshop today for all your soft top and tonneaus needs or contact us for any information.