Other Services

We’re much more than just car upholstery

At All About Trimming, our core services include;

Did you know that’s not all we do? When you’ve had your car upholstery revamped or you get a full car retrim, what could possibly make your car interior even better? New speakers!

At All About Trimming we can install new speakers so you can not only enjoy the look and feel of your new and improved car interior, but the sound of it too.

With your car interior looking so good, you might be tempted to revamp the outside. Our sandblasting service removes your chipped and scratched paintwork. Whilst we don’t respray cars in-house we have very good relationships with spray painters, and we can organise the job for you, so all you need to worry about is what colour you want.

Wood paneling is not as present in modern cars, but in vintage and classic cars it was all the rage. Our timber fabrication service can restore your wood paneling back to its former glory.

What else do we do?

We have been in the auto trimming industry for more than 35 years and there’s not much we can’t do. If we don’t provide a service you can be sure we’ll know someone reputable in the industry that can.

We also provide a same day turnaround for many of our services.

For all your car trimming, boat trimming and caravan trimming needs – We’ve got you covered

Whether you have a car that needs some minor upholstery repairs, or you need a vintage car trimming service, All About Trimming are here to assist you. Come into based workshop or contact us for more information.