Full Car Retrim

A full car re trim service

With our changing lifestyles, we as a society spend more time in our cars than ever before. If we’re spending so much time in our cars, why not enjoy it? Travelling in style and comfort will improve your mood, your image and the value of your car.

All About Trimming provide a full car retrim service workshop, so you can get your car interior looking the way you want it. Whether your current interior is worn and tired and needs replacing, or maybe you have decided to add a splash of colour, whatever your reason, All About Trimming are happy to consult with you about your project.

With a full car retrim service your creativity is the limit.

Get the ultimate in car make-overs for your car interior. All About Trimming can customise a range of styles, materials and colours to suit our customer’s specifications. Our full car retrims take you outside the realms of the dull black, grey or white options available from the car dealership and give you infinite options to reflect your style and personality

Feeling inspired? We have every fabric, colour and style you could possibly want for your car interior, so let’s get started.

Car upholstery

All About Trimming can literally gut your car and start from scratch.

Leather car upholstery has made a big come back in the last decade, it is synonymous with luxury and style. A beautiful leather interior can add the feeling of prosperity.

Maybe you want to opt for material car upholstery, we have every fabric and finish you could ask for, and if we don’t have it, we can get it.

Sink into fully padded and customised comfort with the seats of your choice.

Put your foot down and get the best car upholstery

Your carpeted flooring can add that extra bit of pizzazz to your car interior. If you have an idea of what you are looking for we will have the materials to match your vision, however if you know you want your car spruced up but are not exactly sure what you are after you will be once you’ve had a consultation with Peter at All About Trimming you will.

Your car interior’s mini-makeover

Whilst you might not think your car roofing makes too much of an impact, it will for all the wrong reasons if it’s dirty, tired and sagging. Likewise, if you choose a colour and style that complements your new car interior it can be the cherry on top of your car interior make-over.

Have your car interior customised to your taste

Your panels, consoles and all the finishes in your car interior can be completely customised to your taste.

Put a smile on your dial by opting for gear sticks and dials that complement your new car interior. A full car retrim is not finished until it all comes together in one seamless finish.

A full car retrim workshop could cost less than you think

For a consultation with our full car retrim experts contact us today, one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.