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For all your caravan interiors – We’ve got you covered

Your caravan or motorhome is a home away from home. If the sofa in your home or the curtains started to look a little worn or torn you wouldn’t hesitate to get them fixed or replaced, so what’s the difference with your caravan or motorhome?

Your caravan’s interior has a big impact on its look and value. Whilst shabby chic is in trend, just plain shabby isn’t.

Caravan upholstery, for a home sweet home, away from home 

Driving from destination to destination in your caravan or motorhome? It can be a great investment getting your seats repadded for added comfort.

Do you have a hole or tear in your seat? Don’t wait for it to get bigger when All About Trimming can provide you with same day repairs.

If your caravan upholstery is beyond salvaging, why not take a look at our wide range of replacement materials. We have a wide range of colours, fabrics and styles. You can completely change the look of your caravan’s interior with some new caravan upholstery. A new sofa cover or driving seat covers and your caravan could look completely different.

Getting your caravan interior revamped is music to your ears

Has your Rock ‘n’ Roll bed seen better days? We can repair your Rock ‘n’ Roll bed so it looks and feels like new again. Simple tears and holes can be repaired in the same day in our Brisbane workshop.

Maybe you want to add a splash of colour, or change the material, no problem. All About Trimming has a large range of materials, styles and colours to choose from, so you can get something that reflects your own personal taste.

Maybe you want to get a Rock ‘n’ Roll bed installed? We can get the best use of space and find the right fabric and design to meet your needs.

Caravan interiors – No jobs too big or too small

There’s no job too big or too small for our team. If you need new caravan upholstery throughout we have the ability to transform your motorhome. If you need something as simple as a hole or tear in your curtains or awnings fixed we provide a flawless finish.

Nothing sees more wear and tear than the flooring. By replacing segments or your whole carpet, it could be the mini make over your caravan or motorhome needs.

For all your caravan interior needs look no further

To revamp, repair or replace your caravan’s interior, All About Trimmings are on hand to help. Our friendly team have more than 35 years’ experience in the industry and a sterling reputation for quality. To experience customer service with a smile come into our Brisbane workshop today, or contact us for more information.